Linoleum Flooring 

Linoleum is Environmentally Safe and Beautiful

Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc Panels are easy to install,  and are manufactured with the consumer in mind.

Forbo's brand of linoleum flooring is Marmoleum which is made of 97% natural raw materials, including linseed oil, wood floor, limestone, rosin, pigments and jute.

In the commercial and institutional sectors, linoleum flooring has been a popular choice of specifiers, for many years.

However now  Marmoleum Click Panels are being produced to make linoleum flooring installation easy enough for even the home owner to enjoy.

The click panels are about 3/8" thick and since the Marmoleum is already fastened to the "treated to repel moisture" HDF panels, no adhesive is necessary, and once they are installed it is difficult to see any seams.

Please visit the new Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc installation video to see how easy it to install linoleum flooring today.

The new line of Forbo Flooring Systems including Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc Panels, and recommended Forbo Floor Care products are now available at or

Linoleum is Great For The Kitchen

This particular linoleum floor has provided us with a very serviceable floor covering for the last 25 years.

Stone is very rich looking, we love our granite counter tops in the kitchen, but we find linoleum flooring warmer underfoot than even vinyl.

Our home was built in the 1950s, when energy costs were low, and our local building code didn't provide that it necessary to insulate the outside double brick walls.  Consequently the floors can be cold in the winter.     However we have found that that our linoleum flooring is warmer underfoot than even our previous vinyl floor.  

Linoleum is a better insulator than vinyl.

In 1995 we removed the existing vinyl floor covering and plywood and replaced it with new 3/8‚ÄĚ Fir G1S plywood and new linoleum flooring,   We re-nailed the 5/8"tongue and groove floor boards to the joists with large ring nails (1 3/4"), then nailed the 3/8" Fir G1S plywood on 4" centres with (1 1/4") ring nails as well.  And we are happy to report, that to this very day, we do not have any squeaks.

The floor finish is 2.5mm Armourflex Linoleum from the Forbo - Nairn factory in  Scotland,  known as "The Linoleum Capital of the World."

Forbo Flooring Systems,  purchased the Kirkaldy Scotland Nairn factory  in 1985.

Forbo - Nairn  Armourflex Linoleum Flooring Installed in 1995 and still alive and well today. 

Linoleum Capital of the World.

Read more about Sir Michael Nairn and the magnitude of his Linoleum Flooring  operation in Scotland.

Linoleum Flooring Comes of Age

By the early 1990s linoleum flooring use had started to gain in popularity once again, and was starting to be seen quite often in public buildings and indoor gathering places.

It was even more than environmentally safe, it was antimicrobial and actually helped control the growth of staph germs, being bacteriostatic. 

These health related factors gave linoleum flooring a clear advantage over other type of sheet or tile flooring used in institutions, and greatly boosted its popularity in hospitals, clinics and medical institutions in general.

The water-jet cutting system made it possible for almost any electronically generated image to be replicated in linoleum flooring.  Some of the designs that began to appear in linoleum flooring at this time were truly spectacular as there really was no limit as to what was achievable in design at this time.

It was even more than environmentally safe, it was antimicrobial and actually helped control the growth of staph germs, being bacteriostatic. 

Read more about the early beginnings of Linoleum 

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