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Above is a Forbo Marmoleum display.  An exercise in cutting and fitting Marmoleum inserts.

Above we used a trammel bar with sliding points to gage the width  of each colour and section of material as we moved down the hall.

Although the above project was perhaps one of our most challenging jobs, it has also one of the most rewarding.   We under-cut all the masonry in order to slide the edges of the Forbo Marmoleum just slightly under the wall.  I recall we were asked to reproduce a portion of the design on the concrete in white chalk, to show how we were going to scale up the drawing on site, before we were allowed to cut any of the material. Everything here was cut and fitted on site. 

We've used these photo's here to illustrate the incredible impact new flooring can make to an environment.

Simple before and after images of the same floor area featuring a VCT wet area and a berber carpet separated by pinless naploc.

Featured below are simple repairs to  Altro Safety Floor in an industrial kitchen situation, where damaged areas have been replaced with circular patches and the seams have also been replaced and welded into place.

Featured below are  three more photos of Altro Safety Floor in a hospital kitchen.

Featured below are before and after pictures of linoleum alterations and repairs.  We removed the pink accent and borders and replaced them with the colour green within an existing field in an institutional corridor.

Along the wall in the above photo we were able to build up the cove with rounded piece of plastic fashioned from the lid to one of our empty adhesive pails.  We used Mapei Plani-Patch as a filler to build up the cove to match the existing and troweled it with our home-made curved plastic trowel.

Featured below are photos of linoleum in a residential setting. Forbo Marmoleum Nairn Armorflex 

Cutting and fitting around doors and radiators is a little more time consuming with linoleum than soft pliable vinyl but it lasts for years and doesn't shrink.

Forbo Marmoleum can also be installed throughout out the entire home. 

Featured below is custom a custom vinyl composition tile  VCT installation.

Below is  well prepared concrete substrate ready for linoleum with most of the old adhesives removed, and all the holes filled.  We ran a floor maintainer with a course grit sanding disc to really smooth  and clean the concrete prior to applying the new linoleum and adhesive.

The smoother the substrate the better the bond the linoleum will have with the substrate.   The smoother the substrate, the better the look and wearability of your floor finish.

Featured below Forbo Marmoleum in a commercial office setting.

Below is Forbo Marmoleum.

Below is Forbo Marmoleum.

Taped down Forbo Marmoleum with a hand-cut logo insert.

Below we have linoleum within linoleum.  We removed carpet where the furniture is located in the following two photos and asked to install linoleum Forbo Marmoleum within the already existing linoleum field.

Custom octogonal pattern in VCT.

Below we have a custom designed elevator Forbo Marmoleum.

Below we have several small hand cut flooring inserts in Forbo Marmoleum and Altro Safety Floor.

The image below is of a plaque, which my helper the late Ian Thomas McPhail and I  sent to Christopher Reeve as a part of a fund raising campaign that we were trying to develop to help Christopher & Dana Reeve raise funds for spinal chord research, in the mid to late 1990s

Custom linoleum display featuring hand-cut inserts.

Below is an Armstrong  Commercial Sheet Vinyl Display.

Forbo Marmoleum Lockable Storage Box constructed of plywood with aluminum reinforced edges and corners to protect the edges of the Marmoleum from impact.   Custom designed Marmoleum inserts.

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