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  Do-It-Yourself Flooring

Vinyl & Carpet Tiles, Vinyl & Laminate Planks

Underlayment & Raised Interlocking Subfloor Panels

DIY Flooring projects are fun and rewarding.

Always protect your knees with knee pads as your knees can become red and inflamed in no time.

The vast array of vinyl and laminate products available today may make choosing a DIY flooring material for an area in your home or office difficult. Take your time and give some thought to actually living with the DIY flooring of your choice, before you make your decision.

The material you choose will last a long time so you want to be sure that your choice is really what you want look at everyday.  

Take your time working with DIY flooring when you're installing because a good installation will add years to the life of the finished floor, and once again, you're going to be living with it everyday, so  take your time make yourself proud.

All materials come with easy to follow directions for the best possible installation.   Many DIY flooring materials will even have a video posted online, or someone will have posted a video online already, of how they handled the material and "how-to" install it.

To check for a video: Google "youtube" and "the name of your material" and the word "installation"  or "how-to"  to see if anyone has posted a video for your particular material before you start.

Watch the instructional video carefully because in some cases it can be a very subtle difference in technique that can make all the difference between struggling, and having it go-together in a snap.

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Forbo Marmoleum®Click Cinch Loc DIY Installation Video

Use DRIcore or Barricade Air Plus On Damp Concrete

For your DIY flooring project below grade.

Added ventilation between your DIY flooring and the concrete slab is sometimes recommended,  and can be easily accomplished with the use of either DRIcore, or Barricade Air Plus subfloor panels

These subfloor products elevate the floor covering material from the concrete slab just enough to allow an airflow passage at the surface of the concrete to allow moisture moving through the slab to escape. 

DRIcore 2' X 2' tongue and groove interlocking subloor panels are available through HomeDepot.com and Lowes in the United States and Barricade Air Plus is carried by Lowes in Canada.

If you have a damp concrete slab in the basement and plan to use a DIY flooring below grade, you will be more comfortable and happier with your DIY flooring longer if you lift it up off the concrete with these low profile subfloor panels. 

DRIcore and Barricade Air Plus subfloor panels will let the concrete slab breath, and dry out faster in rainy weather without effecting you DIY flooring.

Please take a quick look at your DIY DRIcore Subfloor Video.                               

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