Basement Flooring

Allowing For Airflow Beneath Your Basement Flooring

An alternative to installing your new basement floor covering directly on the concrete slab is  to allow for airflow at the surface of the concrete slab.

An airflow at the surface of the basement slab will allow the slab to remain drier and help your floor covering look good, feel better, and last longer.

Sub Floors For Basement Flooring

Specifically engineered for basements, DRIcore and Barricade Air Plus are a one step solution subloor for the DIY floor covering installer or the home handy-man.

These heavy duty interlocking panels are approximately 2’ x 2’ OSB with a moisture barrier of polyethylene or foam.  The polyethylene backed panel would maximize airflow between your basement flooring and the concrete slab. 

This low profile sub-floor only takes about an inch away from the overall floor to ceiling height of your basement.   Add to this the thickness of your choice in basement flooring for an overall floor to ceiling height loss.

The load capacity of DRI-Core panels has been independently tested and rated at 3163 pounds per square foot, so heavy objects and partition walls are not a problem.

The DRIcore Detailed Installation Guide will provide more specific installation information.

An Added Measure of Increased Ventilation

When installing DRIcore it is recommended that you leave a continous gap of  1/2 inch between the walls and your DRIcore sub-floor installation. This allows for expansion and contraction as well as ventilation.

As well as maintaining a gap or air space of 1/2 an inch at each wall completely around your sub floor,  as an added measure,  cut 4” x 10” vents in both the subfloor and your basement flooring material, at suitable locations.

Additional vents will help provide a greater space for air movement to allow the dampness to move up through the slab and out from beneath your flooring materials.

Traditional vent hardware is available at HomeDepot or Lowes to provide a professional finishing touch to your custom cut 4" X 10" vents.

Do Proper Moisture Investigation For Your Basement Flooring

We recommend that you investigate the moisture content of your slab and look for any tell tale signs of leakage or flooding at the base of your foundation walls. 

Venting the DRIcore®Subfloor will help the slab stay dry and help keep your installed floor dryer also, if the slab is only emitting vapour.   

However, if you have an occasional build up of water as opposed to moisture, and if we are talking flooding then perhaps other measures should best be taken.

Once you know how much moisture your basement slab is emitting you can decide on your basement flooring.  

DRIcore Sub Floor Panels are  Carried by Home Depot

Home Depot in Canada and the Home Depot in the U.S.  are both displaying the DRIcore Subfloor product.

DRIcore panels are really only 23 1/4 inches by 23 1/4 inches they aren't quite 2' x 2' so please take that into consideration when estimating quantities and costs. 

DRIcore is the brand name carried at Home Depot and once again if you are looking for ventilation you want the polyethylene underside, and not the foam.  With the foam you might get more insulation but you get no airflow and if you have moisture, you want airflow.

Please take a  quick look at the Video Demonstration of  DRIcore Subfloor

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