Hi, I've been a resilient floor covering installer since 1973.  If you have questions about your DIY floor-covering project at home please feel free to contact us.

We've got some photos of past projects posted at our photo gallery.

We are working toward doing more intricate hand cut motifs and signage in our specialized niche.  We are also considering doing a "How-To" video or posting a series of photos showing how we do our inserts and inlays.

Also we are considering inviting and encouraging others to share and display their handy work online, by creating a forum for DIY flooring photos and comments.

We use linoleum because it is almost a 100% natural product.  Its woody consistency lends itself well to being carved, shaved and sanded to provide an excellent fit for doing custom inlay and insert work.

We are available to  the greater online community of DIY floor covering installers.    Please contact us anytime with your floor covering questions.

Featured above is a Forbo Marmoleum display of some of the endless possibilities in design and colour combinations.

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